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Lexi’s Story

This girl has a huge (18pages) following on BIGGSD Read it here

Original Post by Gill of Celtic Animal Lifeline 31 Oct 2008, visit the CALL Website Here!

She's sitting pretty :heart: and is such a great little girl. Christine took her in about 3 weeks ago
when she was about 8 weeks old..............but then she was a different little pup - absolutely
petrified of humans, or human touch and only 8 weeks old -

some person, somewhere had delivered an almighty kick in the face to this wee one -
her puppy teeth were smashed, her cheek was severly bruised, her nose was damaged
and her eye was so swollen it was almost out of its socket :angry: :angry: :angry:

that was then - this is now and Lexi has healed -though this baby has been left with a damaged retina
in her left eye. She has tunnel vision on that side , maybe she will loose sight eventually in her left eye,
but her right eye is great and no problem with it.

She is now a happy, bouncy little pup - she's unaware of her damaged eye - and the little dent on her
nose is filling out .

Christine has worked wonders with this pup - she adores dogs and her home must have another dog
as she bonds first and foremost to dogs and then to people - who can blame her after what she
went through - Lexi has taken her time to allow Christine to cuddle her ......................................

and now she's a happy, little girl .

Yes, she may only have sight in one eye, but she's not bothered and maybe there is that special owner
out there who would make this wee girl part of a loving family.

Lexi has put on weight and is in great form.

From Christine !

Right, here we go, hope you have a box of tissues at the ready. :thumbs up:

The story I was told goes like this. Lexi was taken into the vets to be PTS because she was 'going for people' and the fella couldn't keep her, the vet refused to do it and a girl who works there at the vets took her and contacted me.

It was a Sunday afternoon when I got a phone call asking me to take a GSD puppy with an eye injury, I, of course said I would and arranged to meet and pick her up the next day.

When I arrived in the carpark, :OMG: I was shown this poor, thin, cowering puppy in the footwell of the car, the girl got her out on the end of a lead with a little struggle, the puppy was panicking badly, trying to get away, screaming, spinning around, scrambling to get underneath the car, anything just to get away and no amount of reassurance was working with her in fact trying to get hold of her to calm her was making it worse. We managed to get her to my car, that is when I got the shock of my life, I reached down as I would normally pick up a puppy, under her belly and ribs to lift her into the crate in the back of my car :booboo: she turned on me, snapping and screaming like a wild animal, I had never seen a puppy like this, she was so terrified, she was weeing herself in fear, anyway, I got her into the crate and she just huddled into the corner, I could see her left eye was injured, the actual eyeball was swollen, in fact it looked like someone had replaced it with a glass marble, (you know, one of those metalic ones.) I was handed a tube of cream to put in it and was told the vet said "use this and it'll be grand." :whip:

So off I went straight to my own vet on the way home.............!
In the surgery the vet went to pick up Lexi and then looked at me rather strangely when I stopped her and asked her to put a muzzle on her, she said "Christine the amount of German Shepherds and Rottweiliers that you bring in here and you now ask me to muzzle a puppy????" :thud: The vet examined Lexi (who was huddling up to me in fear) and said she is probably blind in that eye as she could not see the retina at all, the eye had been damaged by trauma, a kick or blow across the head. Once she once put back on the floor and we took off the muzzle, we could see she also had damage to her nose, a dent across the top and it was slightly twisted too, we had a look in her mouth, she had no milk teeth at all in the top jaw and just the two canine milk teeth in the bottom jaw.
My vet said that she had taken a bad beating with blows or kicks to the face that had caused the damage but there was no treatment that could be applied for it because there wasn't broken bones, just twisted, as her bones were soft.
Hopefully with time they will straighten out more, as so far there has been an improvement. I think she has 'some sight' in her eye, maybe just seeing shadows, but I don't think she has peripheral vision in that eye so can only make out what is in front of her. She may have to see a specialist to determine the extent of permanent damage done.

She hated physical contact from me, she ran away if I walked towards her, she would only eat if I put the bowl in her crate and left the room, it took around 10 days for her to wag her tail when she saw me.

I am more concerned about the physiological damage than the physical damage that had been done to this puppy, She has improved 1000% from the first day I got her, but there is an awful lot more work to do
I got her to the stage where she allowed me to pick her up, (for no reason really other than to gain her trust,) but as soon as I did she went rigid in my arms, just like she was waiting to be hurt.

She is gaining more and more confidence every day mostly with the help of my dogs whom she adores, she comes to me when I call her now and she gingerly lets me rub her all over, she loves to be put on the lead and walked around the garden, but most of all she loves to be running with my dogs, lying near them and she even has started to compete for my attention along with them, learning from them day by day to become (I hope and pray) a normal, happy, full of life puppy.

Sorry for the long post folks, but I think Lexi's story needed to be told.

And from Lexi’s new Mum

Lexi has been with us for 1 week now....what a week it has been.The little madam has taken to digging the olive tree up,stealing and chewing MY shoes and MY slippers (she dosnt touch anything belonging to my husband).After the digging job she came in as if she had black boots on her feet,nose caked with mud and that daft look on her face.I had to laugh she looked so proud of herself.This little girl loves everyone....and in return everyone who has the priviledge to meet her loves her straight back. love2 Pictures of todays play will follow later.Thanks to everyone for their kind words for my special little Lexi. x.

Abs, Lilah & Lexi in a London Cab !!

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