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Tipp-Off Animal Rescue

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About Us


Tipp-Off Animal Rescue is a small home based rescue run on a volunteer basis. No one receives a wage, salary, or expenses.


We are a NO KILL, non-profit organization, dependent solely on donations from the public and have been lucky enough and very grateful to receive an Ex-Gratia grant from the Department of Agriculture for the past 3 years.


2008………………… A grant of 1.000 euro was received.

2009………………… A grant of 2.000 euro was received.

2010…………………A grant of 3.000 euro was received


The grant is paid once a year in December.


We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome.

We help cats and dogs.


Tipp-Off Animal Rescue takes dogs from the dog pound once their time is up and they are due to be destroyed.


We also take dogs from the public, subject to space available, who for whatever reason need to rehome their dog. (We cannot take dogs with aggression issues)


We will help with ‘accidental’ litters of puppies on the agreement that the bitch is then neutered as soon as is safe to do so.


Financial help can be offered to neuter dogs, both Male and Female.


We help with the problem of Feral Cats, by operating a T.N.R. scheme (Trap, Neuter, Release)

We have humane cat traps that can be loaned or we will help trap the cats.


We will NOT trap cats for the purpose of killing them.

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